AI Service Gives ‘Overwatch’

AI Service Gives 'Overwatch' Players' In-Game Coaching

AI service gives ‘Overwatch’ players’ in-game coaching

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A typical Overwatch match is hectic and fast-paced. You can’t exactly consult strategy guides in the middle of a manic team fight to figure out the best course of action, so you’ve probably had to rely on your own experience and knowledge of the game. Your Overwatch decision making might be about to get a boost though, as an AI analytics service called Visor could help you improve at the team-based shooter by analyzing what’s happening in real time and providing in-game contextual tips.

The service is now in open beta and Visor just raised $4.7 million in a Series A round to spur its growth — there will be support for more games down the line, for instance. The app isn’t really geared towards helping Overwatch League pros sharpen their skills. Instead, its creators told VentureBeat they hope players at all skill levels can use it to improve, one game at a time.

The visor will then offer some guidance, such as noting how often your healers die at the start of team fights, prompting you to urge your team’s tanks to give them more protection. It reminds you to use your Dragonblade or Self-Destruct if you’ve held on to your ultimate for too long. The visor looks at player positions and nudges you to attack if the other team is scattered or group up if your own team is spread too thin.

Visor, which trained its AI using half a billion frames of gameplay, starts personalizing data for you after just one game. Once your matches are complete, you can see how the stats compare with your earlier performances and find out you how much you’re improving.

Still, it’s a service that holds a lot of promise for millions of players who want to get better at their favorite games. It’s unclear when Visor will be available for other titles, though the creators say the platform is game-agnostic, which “allows us to quickly extend Visor to any game.” So you might expect to use it to improve at Fortnite in the not-too-distant future.

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