How to Run Same App Multiple Times In Android


We everyday use smartphones and their apps daily. We use different ID and accounts while using their apps. Somebody use single account but somebody uses multiple accounts. So for multiple account users, it is hard to sign in and sign out all the time. So to get rid of this problem using multiple apps is an easy solution. Using two facebook app, two messengers, two Instagram and so on. Here are the tricks to Run Same App Multiple Times In Android. This is only for android.

You can use an app called Parallel Space by which we can run multiple apps for multiple accounts. There are no such bugs. It runs smoothly. You can also use themes for some apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. It has also its browser called parallel browser.

Steps To Run Same App Multiple Times In Android

Step 1:-Install an app called Parallel Space from the google play store.
Step 2:- Click on Start.
Step 3:- Choose apps that you want to run on multiple accounts.
Step 4:- Then add them to parallel space.
Step 5:- Then click on the app to start which you want for multiple accounts.
Step 6:- Then you can run the app.

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